Prop 15: California Fair Elections Act

Put on the Ballot by Legislature

42.7% YES
57.3% NO


Repeals ban on public funding of political campaigns. Creates a voluntary system for candidates for Secretary of State to qualify for a public campaign grant if they agree to limitations on spending and private contributions. Each candidate demonstrating enough public support would receive same amount. Participating candidates would be prohibited from raising or spending money beyond the grant. There would be strict enforcement and accountability. Funded by voluntary contributions and a biennial fee on lobbyists, lobbying firms, and lobbyist employers. Fiscal Impact: Increased revenues (mostly from charges related to lobbyists) totaling over $6 million every four years. These funds would be spent on public financing for campaigns of Secretary of State candidates for the 2014 and 2018 elections.

What Your Vote Means

A YES Means The state ban on public funding for political campaigns for elected offices would be lifted. For the 2014 and 2018 elections, candidates for the office of Secretary of State could choose to receive public funds to pay for the costs of campaigns if they met certain requirements. Charges related to lobbyists would be increased to pay for these costs.
A NO Means The state ban on public funding for political campaigns for elected offices would continue. Candidates for the office of Secretary of State would continue to pay for their campaigns with private funds subject to current rules. Existing charges related to lobbyists would not change.


PRO YES on 15: The amount of money in politics is outrageous and corrupts the system. The League of Women Voters of California says Prop. 15 will get politicians out of the fundraising game so they will focus on California's priorities. Elections should be won, not bought by special interests.
CON Proposition 15 is a trick. It raises taxes with no accountability to provide millions in taxpayer money to politicians to fund their negative campaigns AND ALSO ALLOWS politicians to continue to raise money from special interest groups. Prop. 15 is not real campaign reform. Please vote NO on Prop. 15.
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