Prop 1D: Early Childhood Development Program Funds

Put on the Ballot by Legislature

34.1% YES
65.9% NO


Temporarily provides greater flexibility in funding to preserve health and human services for young children while helping balance the state budget in a difficult economy. Fiscal Impact: State General Fund savings of up to $608 million in 2009?10 and $268 million annually from 2010?11 through 2013?14. Corresponding reductions in funding for early childhood development programs provided by the California Children and Families Program.

What Your Vote Means

A YES Means A portion of funds previously approved by the voters to support early childhood development programs through the California Children and Families Program will be temporarily redirected over the next several years to achieve state General Fund budgetary savings.
A NO Means The California Children and Families Program will continue to receive all the funding now dedicated for the expansion of early childhood development programs. Other budget reductions or revenue increases would be needed to address the state's fiscal problems.


PRO Proposition 1D protects vulnerable children while helping California close a $42 billion budget gap. It temporarily shifts a portion of the unspent $2.5 billion in First 5 Commission accounts to fund critical health and social services for children under the age of 5 and protects against future cuts.
CON Proposition 1D takes $1.6 billion away from local health and education programs for young children and gives it to Sacramento politicians. Prop. 1D violates the will of voters who twice approved these funds for local health, education, and antismoking programs. Prop. 1D replaces voter-mandated local control with Sacramento bureaucracy.
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