Prop 28: Limits on Legislators' Terms in Office

Put on the Ballot by Petition Signatures

61% YES
39% NO


Reduces total amount of time a person may serve in the state legislature from 14 years to 12 years. Allows 12 years' service in one house. Applies only to legislators first elected after measure is passed. Fiscal Impact: No direct fiscal effect on state or local governments.

What Your Vote Means

A YES Means Future Members of the State Legislature could serve a total of 12 years in office?without regard to whether the years were served in the State Assembly or the State Senate. Legislators first elected on or before June 5, 2012 would continue to be restricted by existing term limits.
A NO Means Existing term limits for the Legislature would remain in place for current and future legislators. These limits allow a total of 14 years in office - including a maximum of six years in the State Assembly and eight years in the State Senate.


PRO The status quo isn't working. After two decades, our term limits law needs fixing. Prop. 28 places a hard 12 year limit on legislators and closes the loophole that allows legislators to serve nearly 17 years. It's a simple reform that helps make legislators more accountable. Read it. Vote Yes.
CON Proposition 28 is a scam by special interests to trick voters into weakening term limits. It actually lengthens?not reduces?terms for politicians in office. It doubles the time politicians can serve in the State Assembly. It increases by 50% the time politicians can serve in the State Senate.
Prop 29