Prop 1: Safe, Clean, and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2012

Put on the Ballot by Legislature

66.8% YES
33.2% NO


For Tom Willis
Yes on Proposition 44
2355 Broadway #407
Oakland, CA 94612
Against No on Prop 1

Financial Contributions

Group Type Name Location For Against
For Organization Brown; Yes On Prop. 30 - To Protect Our Schools And Public Safety, A Broad Coalition Of Teachers, Labor, Business, Law Enforcement, And Governor 13,880,528
For Organization California Conservation Campaign, The 23,000
For Organization California Water Association Political Issues Committee- Yes On Prop. 1 100,000
Against Organization Citizens Against Taxpayer Funding Of Bdcp Tunnels In The 2014 Water Bond 81,750
For Organization Environmental Coalition For Clean Water And Wildlife Protection - Yes On Prop. 1 102,000
For Organization Laborers Pacific Southwest Regional Organizing Coalition Issues Pac - Yes On Props 1 And 2 293,402
For Organization Nrdc Action Fund California Ballot Measures Committee - Yes On Prop. 1 9,514
For Organization Sac Valley Water & Rice For Prop 1 44,499
For Organization Southern California District Council Of Laborers Issues Pac - Yes On Props 1 And 2 58,219
For Organization Think Long Committee, Inc., Sponsored By Nicolas Berggruen Institute Trust, Supporting Propositions 1 & 2 (non-profit 501(c)(4)) 250,000
For Organization Western Plant Health Association, Supporting Propositions 1 And 2 ( Non-profit 501 (c) (6) ) 100,000
For Organization Wetlands Conservation Committee, Sponsored By Ducks Unlimited, Audubon California And The Nature Conservancy, Yes On Prop. 1 215,000
$15,076,163 $81,750


Group Type Name Location
For Organization Build Water Infrastructure Now, Yes On Proposition 1
For Organization California Business Political Action Committee, Sponsored By The California Chamber Of Commerce (aka Calbuspac)
For Organization California Rainy Day Fund Oakland, CA
For Media Contra Costa Times Walnut Creek, CA
For Organization Jamul Indian Village
For Media KSBW - NBC 8 / 10 Monterey-Salinas, CA
Against Organization No on Prop 1
For Media Sacramento Bee Sacramento, CA
Against Media San Francisco Bay Guardian San Francisco, CA
For Media San Francisco Chronicle San Francisco, CA
For Media The Orange County Register Santa Ana, CA

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